Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sorry Mr. Root, You Do NOT Represent ME!

Dear Wayne,

I thought we had things cleared up after you and I had a heated discussion Friday afternoon in St. Louis. I was going to give you a chance but you once again stuck your foot in your mouth. Your position on foreign policy is NOT libertarian or remotely close to it. Killing thousands of innocent people who do NOT have any "beef" with us is morally WRONG. Giving billions of dollars to foreign governments whether they are our allies or not to kill thousands of innocent people who do not have any "beef" with us or our allies is also morally WRONG! Did you not learn anything from Ron Paul about blowback? 9/11 happened because our government stirred the hornet's nest a few too many times and the United States got stung for getting into other country's business. How much longer do you think they have to endure our government's tyranny? If our government was smart enough they should have never involved themselves in their business.

Now to the serious part of this post. Our government should not be giving aid to anyone, including Israel. Our government does not exist for Israel but Israel gets plenty of OUR tax dollars to kill innocent people, bulldoze one's property and starve people through blockades. Of course, our government is not much better because they put sanctions on Iraq and through those sanctions killed hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis. However, you claim that we need to support Israel at all costs. I'm sorry Wayne, I don't support their government let alone our own. Government gave us slavery. Government gave us Jim Crow. Government gave us bans on interracial marriages. Government gave us drug prohibition. Government gave us anti-sodomy laws. Government gave us wars. Government has us up to our eyeballs in debt! Do I need to go on and tell you who the real problem is?

There is a solution to your problem Wayne, so read clearly. The taxpayers of this country should not be going to foreign countries in any way, shape or form. Though as a private citizen, if there is a cause you believe in, you can raise your own funds, weapons, etc and fight that cause YOURSELF! If you want to help Israel in that cause, go ahead but do it with your own money not mine! But it's much easier to raid the public till isn't it? Whether it's welfare for Israel or welfare for corporations and banks, it's still not right nor justifiable.

Educate yourself Wayne and you'll save yourself embarrassment later because your current stance on this issue is a total embarrassment!


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