Tuesday, May 19, 2009

An open letter to Wayne Allyn Root

Mister Root,

It's been over two years since you "abandoned" the Republican Party and graced the Libertarian Party with your presence. I saw you at the Heartland Libertarian Convention in Kansas City,MO last year. We spoke briefly and I was not impressed by you. You claim to be the "voice for libertarians" but you don't speak for me. Let me explain to you what a libertarian means and this is from a 17 year libertarian activist:

Throughout your run for President you failed to learn the basic libertarian stance: the non-aggression pact. You consistently flipped flopped on the Iraq issue. One minute you were for the invasion of Iraq and the next minute you were against it. Strike one! I am anti-war and proud of it. I wear this distinction with honor and pride. True libertarians believe that we do not go around starting wars and various other acts of aggression. 9/11 was blowback because of our bad foreign policy. We do not involve ourselves in the affairs of sovereign countries. We believe that we have the right to self-defense but invading Afghanistan or Iraq does not suffice for self-defense especially when Bush lied about the reasons why we needed to invade Iraq. Our government INITIATED force first and our meddling got to the point where the hornets stung us back. On top of that, after 9/11, Congress passed numerous anti-civil liberties laws in which you INITIALLY supported. During the campaign, every time you spoke I didn't know if you were Eric Dondero, Aaron Starr or Brian Holtz; all of them proud and outspoken interventionists.

Then there was the sexual consent fiasco in which your campaign smeared Mary Ruwart. Strike Two! You had the moral obligation to not get involved with Shane Cory's dirty tactics. It didn't do your campaign much justice. If you were a good decent man, you should have taken the moral high ground but you sold your soul to Satan and got in with the trash.

Then there was that hit piece by Reason:Hit and Run, that you categorically deny was an actual interview. I don't know if you got the memo but true libertarians are not racist, sexist, homophobes or xenophobes. If you had hung out with us true libertarians instead of those conservatarians you associate yourself with, you'd never made that racist Barack Obama comment in the first place. Or on the other hand maybe you always felt "superior" to the Negro race and had to tell the world what the real Wayne Allyn Root was all about? Your ignorance and your mouth along with Barr's eulogy of Jesse Helms sickens me to see that the LP's top ticket breeded bigotry. Affirmative action we can both agree on is bad but implying that Barack Obama got into Columbia University solely on that is purely distasteful and evil. Strike Three!

Now on to the current controversy over you. Radley Balko was right on the money about your appearence on Michael Savage's shows. You may have 8.5 million ears listening to your distorted view of libertarianism but now people are going to be confused about what libertarianism really means. I don't listen to Savage because he is not who I wanna associate with.

Mister Root, I truly believe you know what libertarians believe in. If you are confused just ask me and I'll clear your confused mind.


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