Tuesday, March 14, 2006

This is a bunch of GARBAGE!

Your CWLP bill may increase AGAIN!

Politicans and fee increases seem to be an epidemic here in Illinois.

It looks like an alderman here in Springfield, IL wants to make responsible residents pay for garbage service for those who don't by adding another fee to our CWLP bill! I pay 150 dollars a year for garbage removal and I make about 17K a year. Now I know that garbage removal isn't a high priority for most people but there are other ways to resolve this situation without forcing others to pay for this service.

When, I lived in Effingham,IL my landlords included garbage removal in our rent. There could be an agreement between the tenet and the landlord to have this service included in their contract. The waste removal companies could set up a fund in which anyone can contribute to- to ensure that those who can not afford to have their garbage remove. They can get that service for free or at a reduced price. I would rather donate 20 dollars to this fund than be forcedto pay five dollars a month. Besides, CWLP just increased rates so they can build a new power plant. I'd rather not give anyone anymore money than I have to.

Alderman Matt Mahoney is wrong about this. Send him an e-mail to show your disapproval. BTW, Alderman Kunz is against his proposal. I sent an e-mail to Alderman Kunz for standing up for the taxpayers of the city. This fee increase is unnecessary!


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