Saturday, January 02, 2010

The $49 "Head" Fee!

Your lovely folks on the LNC has devised a concept to further purge the real libertarians from the party. They have contrived a new voting "fee" for those delegates who are not going to purchase a convention package or a hotel room at the convention site. There are reasons why we do not purchase these packages as of lately. Most of the speakers aren't LIBERTARIANS! Second, someone like me who had been politically active until Bob Barr was selected, knows how to be political or an activist. Come up with something original instead of regurgitating the same message with speakers who aren't libertarians. Last time I checked this was the Libertarian Party, not the Republican-lite Party or the Conservative Party but as of lately it has been tilting towards the latter. Didn't the GOP just get their asses kicked the last two elections and the idiots on the LNC want to emulate their failures? The main reason they want to institute this "fee" is to make money and to insure that those who don't get these packages and use the convention floor do pay for being there.

Here's the kicker folks. This fee or "poll tax" is intended to hurt those delegates who are on a limited budget and most of those delegates are the heart and soul of the party-the true activists! But there is no purge right? If you really care or don't care about the LP here are some things you can do.

1- It is obvious that those in control do not care about the real libertarians. The party has been hijacked. So since they don't care that you exist, let them have their little hangout and leave...PERMANENTLY!

2- If you care about the party and you are a "povertarian", find a way to St. Louis and possibly pool resources with like-minded individuals to cover costs. If you feel that the Party is worth saving, people will come up with the resources to get there, pay the "voting fee" and vote these people OUT!

As Black Sheep would say, "The Choice is Yours!!!"


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