Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Birther/Truth Movement is a JOKE!

Barack Obama is not an ideal president in my eyes and far from it. 53 percent of the voters choose him to become the President of our country. I understand that some people are so fixated on proving that he was not a "natural-born citizen" thus violating the Constitutional requirement to run for the Presidency. Now that it could be possible that Obama might not be a "natural-born" citizen. Where were these people over the last 8 years when Bush was violating the Constitution and wiping his ass with it? Barack and his cronies in DC are about to shove down our throats a healthcare "reform" bill and all you care about is whether or not he's eligible to be our President. You say there isn't adequate proof that he is eligible and he hasn't shown the PROOF! Maybe there is a reason why he may or may not have shown the proof because he has got many of you so sidetracked on this eligibility crap that while many of you are so fixated on this one thing, his policies are destroying us Americans. He's got the cards and is calling YOUR bluff. Perhaps, after he has had all his policies passed and we are more indebted to the government, he'll laugh in your faces and show you that he has fulfilled the Constitutional requirement of being the PRESIDENT all along. We have bigger things to worry about, focus on his policies not his birthright. You are fracturing the freedom movement and I'm not going to listen to your shill any longer.