Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Debate On Smoking Ban In Springfield Is Not Going Away

Smoking ban may be the hot issue in the upcoming spring elections

People in Springfield, Illinois are still hot over the smoking ban which has been in effect for over 3 months now. Small businesses who serve alcohol and food have seen a decrease in sales during this time. Our city council has been unsympathetic towards the loss of potential revenue these businesses provide to the tax base and communities. There are a few candidates whom have expressed their concerns over the smoking ban and I plan to help them win seats on the city council and for mayor. My alderman Frank Edwards has openly said he is opposed to the smoking ban but voted for it because his constituents overwhelmedly wanted the ban. Despite this one issue I think Frank deserves another term on the city council because he fights for the taxpayers. For mayor if he survives the objection period, I think Mario Ingogila is a good choice because he wants to at least modify the ban to exclude bars and taverns. He faces Mayor Davlin and Alderman Strom, who both supported the smoking ban, in the primary on February 27th. I would encourage all those who are small businesses owners in the food and drinking establishments to support all those candidates who will work hard to eliminate or modify the smoking ban. As a freedom-fighter I will do my best to promote and work for all those candidates who will work to make government less intrusive on small business in Springfield, Illinois.