Sunday, December 07, 2008

Is this the end of the witch hunt?

Angela WON! It wasn't a TKO but I'd call it a good 12 round unanimous decision. I watched what I could of the visual feed provided by Mike Seebeck. I think it's hilarious that people were laughing at Stewart Flood's asinine trumped up charges against Mrs. Keaton. Unfortunately, the way it ended may not end this charade. So my advice to Angela is this: The LP is dead, the SS Minnow is sinking fast, jump ship while your feet are still dry and resign. You beat the Starr-Sullentrup firing squad and you didn't want to go out on their terms. We have plenty to do not LP related and can accomplish more outside the party realm than within the irrelevant party you and I have once called our political home. You can safely resign your spot on the LNC, on your terms and be at peace with yourself. You owe no one anything but I owe you my sincere graditude for fighting for the membership. After the meeting may I suggest you go visit friends and relatives, enjoy the holiday time without LNC crap, have wild sex with your husband (Lord knows the two of you need to BLOW off some steam) and continue working diligently for We have plans and projects on the horizon but I won't bother you with that until after the new year.

In addition to the above thoughts I want to take time to reflect on the witch hunt that wasted so much time. I want to thank those who stood up in defense of Angela: R Lee Wrights and Rachel Hawkridge. Those who are still members of such an irrelevant party still have people on the LNC who have the "balls" to do what's right whether it's popular or not. Rachel showed the board's hypocrisy when she stated that "when Bob Barr was on the LNC, his PAC was still supporting Republicans who had Libertarian opposition" but they had the nerve to ridicule Angela for wearing a BTP thong?

I was a little disappointed with Mary Ruwart. It seemed like she was too busy saving her own hide instead of helping Angela. Ruwart was so short-sided by this witch hunt that the best thing she could say was,"I didn't have enough time to review the charges against Angela therefore I couldn't act on it." Mary knew that the assholes on the LNC were coming after Angela with guns a-blazing and she stood by doing very little? And this is the same woman I endorsed for the LP Nomination after I dropped out of the VP race....I'm quite ashamed right now to have done so. These jackasses are coming after you next Mary!

The biggest disappointment of all goes to my rep and good friend Julie Fox. She practically stabbed Angela in the back. She claimed that Angela was acting unprofessionally and some of the claims laid out by Mr. Flood were false and ridiculous. Well, Julie, you are half right. Angela was not acting unprofessionally, she was doing her JOB as an unpaid (just like you) LNC rep. When Angela couldn't get the answers she needed when the cartel of Starr/Sullentrup wasn't releasing information to the rest of the LNC, she got brash and called their BULLSHIT! This is the same type of crap that was going on when we had our LPI feud back in 2004-2005. Sometimes Julie when you don't get results in a positive manner, you can't sit idly by and hope they will play nice. Starr and Sullentrup aren't nice people and until they drop off the LNC, you can't play nice with them. I hope you learned from this Julie cause you can't play middle-of-the-road on everything because it will show that you will fall for everything these jerks will feed you.

The loser in this whole scheme; Stewart Flood. Aye yes the main jackass himself coming up with illogical excuses to boot Angela off the LNC. Seems like some men on this ineffectual committee can't stand a strong, vocal female calling their bluff. Well, Mr. Flood based on your actions I think that you are an amoeba and you are an ineffectual representative of your region. In other words, you gotta GO! Now I would advise every party member within the region in which Flood is their representative, they need to call or write their State Chairs and ask them to call a vote for a swift and immediate removal of Stewart Flood before the next meeting. He didn’t get Angela but who will he go after next?

I'm curious to hear the budget analysis on Sunday. Stay tuned to see how BROKE the LP really is and what kind of bailout they are going to propose.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

The Battle in San Diego

The LNC has done it again. The purge, like many of us predicted, is on. The assholes on the LNC (like Starr, Sullentrup, Lieberman, Karlan, Redpath, Flood and other co-conspirators) have put on their agenda to discipline the most vocal LNC member, Angela Keaton over some baseless BULLSHIT! Instead of concentrating on real positive issues they have used this distraction to smokescreen the real problems with the LNC. The LP is broke, membership is leaving in droves and the party is essentially on its last legs. After they try to get rid of Angela; Mary Ruwart, R Lee Wrights, Rachel Hawkridge and Steve LaBianca will be next to be purged from the LNC. The goal from these conservatarians is simple; we want to fashion the LP to be Republican-lite. Maybe they are carrying out Eric Dondero's wet dream to destroy the LP.

Sullentrup has a hard-on for Tom Knapp over an incident 4 years ago, in which Tom has rectified long ago, and continues to badger many libertarians by e-mail. I received a nasty e-mail from Sullentrup some time ago in which I did not bother to answer. That accident he was involved in earlier this decade must have caused him some permanent psychosis. When I was at the St. Louis Libertarian Caucus, Sullentrup had his lips firmly planted on Bob Barr's ass and gave me and my family some cold stares throughout the event. I'm assuming Sullentrup has a problem with blacks or interracial relationships. If so, that's his problem, not mine!

Now for Aaron Starr. He's just the leader of the asshole caucus of the LNC. His big problem is that he can't get in Angela's pants nor any other respectable woman's to say the least. This whole witchhunt of Angela is Starr's wicked creation and has conspired others with him for this Klan-like prosecution. Without Starr on the LNC his fellow conspirators would have to develop a backbone instead of acting like amoebas and going along with Starr's McCarthy-style tactics.

Now Stewart Flood is the biggest amoeba of the bunch (literally). He's contrived a false list of accusations against Angela; most wouldn't stand up in a real case in court. I had talked to Mr. Flood once while I was briefly running for the VP Nomination earlier this year. I had an extreme ill feeling while I was on the phone with him especially after he had mentioned that he raised a considerable amount for the flip-flopping warmonger Wayne Allyn Root. I never heard from him again as I figured out anyways. I saw right through his bullshit, in fact just about every other word was crap flying out of his mouth. So, Chief Amoeba, how much is Starr and Company paying you for this useless waste of LNC resources to get rid of Mrs. Keaton?

Now for Scott Lieberman and M Carling. Both genuinely despicable in their unnatural illogical ways. They both have a warped sense about recruiting minorities into the Party and with the current makeup of the LNC, I would not encourage any minority to join the LP. These guys are no better than Sonny Latham, who the KYLP almost secured a spot for on their ballot for US Senate. They think most blacks aren't good for the LP ( me included). Heck if I would have known that was the case, I would have stayed a Democrat. They just want to keep the LP a party for conservative angry middle aged white males and them niggers just need to stay out and be submissive Democrats.

Brian Holtz, the leader of the Retard Caucus, is no better than the above individuals except that he doesn't like my outreach approach. How many minorities have you brought into the movement or the Party? How many have you scared away from the movement/Party? I bet you have done more of the latter with your so-called approach,while my approach has been a bit more successful. What's the motive Brian? You afraid that your know-it-all brash approach is inferior to mine?

The one person I feel sorry for through all this mess is David Nolan, the founder of the LP. I bet you if Mr.Nolan had clairvoyance about the Party 37 years later back in 1971 he would have never started it.

Now that this part of my tirade is over here is what I'm suggesting if Angela gets kicked off the LNC:

1- Stop all financial support to National. If you starve the beast the beast can't survive thus possibly causing extreme changes for the better.

2- Build your state parties and be as independent of National as possible. Continue passing resolutions against the ousting of Angela Keaton and organize for 2010 to throw the diseases that have seriously infected the leadership of the Party.

3. This is the most drastic point-DISAFFILIATE from National! What cost benefit is National providing State parties anyways? An occasional membership dump, a convention every 2 years and voting rights at these conventions. Is this really worth $25 dollars a year? What National could be doing, you can do 20 times better at the state level.

4. Shift your activism towards causes you feel need attention and skip these petty party politics until the LP gets their shit together.

Just remember that the REAL activists are being purged for the sake of watered-down libertarian principles. The SS Minnow is sinking, jump while you still can!