Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Is There Room for Pro-Lifers In the Libertarian Party?

There are many factions within the LP. I would agree with some within the Radical Caucus and I would agree with some within the Libertarian Reform Caucus. I have friends with both and I agree with both on various issues. Was the complete overhaul of the platform needed? No. Did we need to modernize the platform with 21st century language. Yes. There is some planks that need to returned to the platform. Our anti-war, non-interventionist plank needs to be returned. This is very important in separating us from the Republican and Democrat warmongers.

With that said, there is a plank that needs to be removed and not replaced and that is our abortion plank. As a pro-life libertarian it pains me to see that I am not truly accepted by my peers because of a few issues. When I came to the LP I was a former DEMOCRAT and my views on certain issues have changed over the last 15 years. I feel that life begins at conception and that the fetus, a human being, should have the same Constitutional rights as you and I. Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness- remember those words? However a pro-life libertarian is very different from a pro-lifer of any other political party. We tend to lean towards educating the masses about alternatives to abortion. Yes, I would like to see fewer abortions performed. Yes, I would like to eliminate taxpayer funding for abortions. Yes, I would like to see Roe v Wade reversed and abortion should be a 10th Amendment issue. Yes, adoption laws should be more liberalized and accessible. Yes, embryonic stem cell research should not be funded by the taxpayers.

Unfortunately, there are those within the LP that call us pro-life libertarians Ovarian Marxists and anti-choice libertarians. My two main goals in Denver, next year, will be choosing the right presidential candidate to represent the party I have worked so hard to promote and eliminating the abortion plank. Maybe, just maybe, us pro-life libertarians will get the respect we deserve and work with others in moving this country towards a much freer nation that it is today!